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Dinosaurs Live at Pine St. Theater on 1987-10-31

Topics Live concert

01. Intro. > After Midnight
02. You Can Leave Your Hat On
03. Got Love
04. Blind Man
05. Honky Tonk Jekyll & Hyde
06. Strange Way
07. Level With Me
08. Mona

Collection Dinosaurs
Band/Artist Dinosaurs
Venue Pine St. Theater
Location Portland, OR

Source SBD > ? > CDR (2) > WAV > EAC > FLAC
Taped by unknown
Transferred by Tom Shyman


Line up

Barry Melton Vocals, guitar
John Cipollina Lead guitar, vocals
Merl Saunders Keyboards, vocals
Peter Albin Bass, vocals
Spencer Dryden Drums

Butthole Surfers opened (yes, weird huh??, but true!)

A nice sounding Dinosaurs show, be it unknown generation. I would guess just one. This is a good show to show the Saunders era of Dinosaurs rather well. Highlight is the nearly 25 minute Mona where Cipollina pulls all the stops and plays some of his best of this era.

I did no EQ'ing or editing on this, but sounds to me someone did and it's good job. As always, this is for trade only and NOT FOR SALE!

Cipollina fans might want to check out an online vine group that I co-run for his material with a zest of using the best known sources. This site is found at

Thanks to Rich, who gave me the audio CD of this years ago. This one is for you!

Questions? I can be reached at

-Tom Shyman


Reviewer: njpg - - October 7, 2011
Subject: Sloppy.
I'm a big fan of Cipollina and Melton, and as a musician I've actually emulated some aspects of Cip's amazingly innovative hybrid playing style. I haven't really had much opportunity to listen to the Dinosaurs, and I've been looking forward to it for years. This show severely disappoints.

The whole band sounds like they never practice together. We already have a Grateful Dead, and the reason their music works is because they played like a hundred shows a year together. Cip sounds great, but when your band is THAT loose, nothin' you do is gonna sound good.

Melton sounds wasted beyond his ability to remember what song he's in.

Saunders is a great STUDIO musician. Live, he sounds like he has no musical ear at all, and I think people just like him because they associate his name with Garcia. He can't sing and sounds horrible when he tries, he has a tremendous Hammond organ that he does NOTHING with, and uses these cheesy synth sounds in rough soul/blues tunes. His studio work has always sounded awesome, and I've never been able to listen to a note he plays live. This is no exception.

I really hope the Fish and Cip got a chance to put some better stuff than this together, because I've heard them do it separately & I know they could have.

Two stars is generous.
Reviewer: EnriExperience - - June 29, 2010
Subject: Dinosaurs - Live at Pine St Theater 1987
Congratulations..GREAT GREAT RECORDING!!!this is a really really treasure of the psychedelic golden mine of the west coast groups..i was so lucky to saw this group same year here in the East Coast of New York in the site were was before The Fillmore East a club called but that time "The Saint"
i was born in Spain in `55 ( i`d never get the chance to come here in the 60s or 70s to see all those great performances that why i feel so happy
by be in the site of the Fillmore East 18 years was closed..uhm..well better of nothing "right?")
many of the all deep psychedelic hard rock bands
that many Fm don`t played at those days are really welcome in Spain and SouthAmerica too
the language don`t was a problem we catch your feeling and that was enough!!....
uhm was a huge celebration of 10 years of "Relix" magazine...

if someone have taped that show please contact with me a.s.a.p!!! to

this is a great great page congratulations..
Reviewer: otto man - - January 5, 2010
Subject: Missing encore?
Great show!Butthole surfers did open up but you could buy a tix to there show or a tix to The Dinos show or a combo tix o both so actually they both headlined.Also I taped this show out of the sbd with my home deck some kind of Sony deck and I have one more song after Mona called Feels like its Time?I turned the Dinos Manager on to some party favors and I got the first patch out of the board but there was other peaple plugged out of me including John Ford.Also missing 2 songs from earlier in the show
Reviewer: notsaved - - December 11, 2009
Subject: BHS
Butthole Surfers actually HEADLINED!...

even weirderer!...

anyone have a SBD of the BHS set??...

write me here!

Reviewer: thelegroom - - January 15, 2009
Subject: A great one setter
Thanx Tom. Perfect recording. Every song a highlight. Never heard Jekyll and Hyde nor Strange Way. I highly recommend and seldom give 5 stars, to anybody. Peace
Reviewer: jeffsetz - - May 18, 2005
Subject: Mona!!
I had the chance to see several Dinos shows as well as hear numerous tapes and I have yet to hear a jam as fierce as this version of Mona. It absolutely rips and roars. Very psychedelic! The rest of the recording pales in comparison.
Reviewer: NickyC - - May 7, 2005
Subject: I've Been Waiting.
Excellent show, great "Mona" out of all the players, not just JC. Thank you all for putting the Dinos up in such an accessable venue for the non tech-head/gear-head like me, and for your working toward getting more of John's bands represented. Good to have him roaring away on as many fronts as possible.
Reviewer: theGreenManalishi - - May 6, 2005
Subject: the wait is finally over...
ya pray and ya pray, and then these shows come along. oh yes, ye of new faith. ye who has yet to hear one of the TRULY GREAT guitar Gods that has ever blessed us. get your cd burners warmed up before you even attempt to download this scorching band. just look at the members of this band and tell me it can get any better than this. ain't no way you can. the cream of the archives has arrived. thanks to all involved who made it be so.
John is looking down on you as you listen to this show, and your smile is his everlasting gift. the man was the most uncompromising musicians that ever lived. never asking once for the limelight, and keeping his playing most to the small clubs so we could enjoy him close up and personal. there are so many SBD shows out there, and i can't wait to downlosd each and every one of them.
do yourself a favor, get this now!!!
by Dinosaurs
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Source: .Master Cassette Sony D6 w/Sony Stereo Microphone
by Dinosaurs
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Source: SBD >
by Dinosaurs
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Source: Sony ECM-939LT stereo mic > Toshiba KT-R2 walkman. Taped onto Maxell XL-II tapes. Mic set up in front center of balcony.
by Dinosaurs
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Source: SBD > ? > CDR (2) > WAV > EAC > FLAC
by Dinosaurs
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Barry Melton Band
by Barry Melton Band
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John Cipollina
by John Cipollina
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Source: Master Cassette Sony D6 w/Sony Stereo Microphone
John Cipollina
by John Cipollina
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John Cipollina
by John Cipollina
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Source: SBD
John Cipollina
by John Cipollina
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Source: AUD (equip. unknown)